Bocchi The Rock (Japanese) - Weiss Schwarz Full Case Random Box Group Break #23

Bocchi The Rock (Japanese) - Weiss Schwarz Full Case Random Box Group Break #23

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This is a full case of Bocchi The Rock (Japanese), in a random box group break format. Each purchase will get you a booster box randomly assigned to you using

Possible hits:
目指せ!ロックスター! 後藤ひとり BTR/W107-070SSP SSP - $500
目指せ!ロックスター! 伊地知虹夏 BTR/W107-001SSP SSP - $500
ギターヒーローの素顔 後藤ひとり BTR/W107-068SSP SSP - $450
And more!!!

After all the hits have been confirmed to be pulled from the case, the remaining booster boxes will be sent unopened to the assigned collector, or rerolled for store credit.
PandaTCG VIP's can reroll for 100% of marketplace payout.
Collectors not part of the PandaTCG VIP can still reroll, but for a 90% of marketplace payout.
Half box spots cannot be rerolled unless agreed upon by both collectors of the shared booster box.
If you have questions on how the PandaTCG Reroll program works, please let us know during one of our streams!

Wheel Spin eligibility! Every TWO spots you purchase in this group break will earn you a lucky wheel spin for a chance to win extra hits, store credit, or a free Weiss Schwarz Signature card! You may purchase multiple spots for multiple wheel spins!