PandaTCG Reroll Program

The PandaTCG Reroll Program allows our VIP collectors the ability to put any of their hits up for sale. These cards will be listed by PandaTCG on TCGPlayer or eBay.

We will be able to reroll the following:
Pokemon (English) - Bigger hits (full arts, alternate arts, V's, VMAX's, EX, competitive cards, etc)
Pokemon (Japanese) - Only full arts, alternate arts, and art rares
Weiss Schwarz (English) - RRR's, SR's, SP's, SSP's, and other secret rares
Weiss Schwarz (Japanese) - ONLY SP's or higher
Shadowverse - Premium Parallels, Legendaries, and higher rarities
Final Fantasy - Legends, Holo Legends, and Full Arts only
Magic: The Gathering - Rares and Mythics, and special prints only
Yu-Gi-Oh - Super Rares and above only
Other TCG's (English) - If they're above $.50 in TCGPlayer, we can reroll.
Other TCG's (Japanese) - Only higher rarity or short printed hits
Sealed Product - From case breaks after all known case hits have been pulled. These will be advertised in eBay or TCGPlayer as a SEARCHED product, so that potential customers are aware that these boxes will not have any hits. This decision is to maintain PandaTCG's integrity within the hobby, and to provide the best value to everyone involved.
ALL PSA Graded Items - All graded cards that were part of PandaTCG PSA group submissions.

All English singles will be listed on TCGPlayer at market value. If the card is high-value and high-rarity, VIP collector may choose to put it up in a 10-day eBay auction instead.
All Japanese cards will be listed on eBay in a 10-day auction.
All PSA graded items will be listed on eBay in a 10-day auction.

Once these bigger hits are sold via TCGPlayer/eBay, 100% of the net paid by TCGPlayer/eBay (after marketplace and shipping fees) will be loaded into your PandaTCG Loyalty Card. For example, let's say one of your rerolled cards sold on TCGPlayer, and PandaTCG received $100 for the sale after TCGPlayer fees, and it costs $4.00 to ship the item out to the buyer. You will receive the remaining net of $96.00 in store credit.

Process Ideally, we will accept the following types of requests:

  1. Live requests during your live break, so that we may immediately set aside your cards for reroll.
  2. OR during the following two days (or one day during the final week of the month) after a PandaTCG stream, via Discord direct messages, if you provide your order number and card names, or specific instructions.

We won't be able to fulfill reroll requests outside of this time window, or if your items are already prepped for shipment, or if vague instructions were provided. Please do not request for us to look back on your orders or to assist you in deciding what to reroll. PandaTCG VOD's will always be up for your reference, and you may visit sites like eBay and TCGPlayer to understand your potential reroll value.