What's a personal break purchase order?

A personal live break purchase order is a type of break for a product that PandaTCG does not currently have in our active inventory, but is easily attainable from our distributors and partners. When you submit a personal break purchase order, we will immediately obtain your desired products so that we can rip it open live on stream for you. Purchase orders submitted by Monday or Tuesday or most likely to arrive in time for the following weekend's live break. Any purchase orders submitted later on in the week may have to wait another week to be ripped live on stream.

PandaTCG's personal live break purchase orders not only allows our collectors the ability to purchase items that are not part of our active inventory, but it also allows collectors to find items that may be an older product, or very niche!

We hope to expand the products available for personal live break purchase order each week, as we continue to aim to have something for everyone!