What's a live break? What's a group break?

A live break, also known as a live box break, or live case break, or rip and ship, is a real-time streaming event where we open packs or boxes of trading cards while broadcasting the process online. It allows viewers to watch the break as it happens and participate in the excitement of revealing the cards.

All PandaTCG live breaks are over at Cindy's Twitch channel!


A group break is an event where a group of collectors come together to open packs or boxes of trading cards. The cost is divided among the participants, making it more affordable for everyone involved. This format is common for sports hobby boxes, or for full cases of a popular trading card set.

Here's how a typical group break works:

  1. Spot Purchases: PandaTCG divides the total cost of the packs or boxes by the number of spots available. Participants can then purchase one or more spots, effectively reserving their share of the cards that will be opened.

  2. Randomization: Once all spots are filled, PandaTCG typically uses a randomization method to assign each participant to a specific team or slot. This ensures fairness and randomness in the distribution of cards.

  3. Live Break: PandaTCG then proceeds to open the packs or boxes in a live session over at Cindy's channel. Collectors and other viewers can watch the break in real-time, experiencing the excitement and anticipation as the cards are revealed.

  4. Card Distribution: Collector will receive all cards for the team or slot they were randomly assigned to. For example, if a collector was randomly assigned to the Lakers, that collector will receive all Laker cards.