Final Fantasy TCG - Hidden Hope Pack Break

Final Fantasy TCG - Hidden Hope Pack Break

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Can we pull the Sephiroth gold signature card?!

Order 36 packs to receive a full booster box!

Wheel Spin eligibility! If you purchase 1 of these booster boxes in a single order, you will earn a lucky wheel spin for a chance to win extra hits, store credit, or a highly valued Final Fantasy Card!

Reroll Information:
Final Fantasy- Rare Foils, all Heroes, all Legends, and Full Arts.

The PandaTCG Reroll Program is our unique spin to what other trading stores may call a "buyback" program. But instead of selling your cards to us for a price that is below market value, PandaTCG will sell the hits you do not want for you on either TCGPlayer or eBay. After your card sells, you will get the sale amount in store credit!
Payout amounts as of 4/16/24:
Kindly be advised that payout amounts may be adjusted at PandaTCG's discretion
PandaTCG VIP members - 100% of sale amount, after cost of shipping and materials.
All other PandaTCG collectors - 90% of sale amount, after cost of shipping and materials.
If your multiple cards were sold in one TCGPlayer/eBay order, the cost of shipping and materials will be split evenly and applied to each card, so that costs are shared among rerolling collectors.
More information on our PandaTCG Reroll Program can be found here.

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