Weiss Schwarz - Dengeki Bunko (JP) Pack Break

Weiss Schwarz - Dengeki Bunko (JP) Pack Break

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Possible hits:

Shana, Feeling Loved / 愛在る者 シャナ Gss/WS02-077SP SP - $1400
"Shiny Gift" Tomoka / “雨上がりに咲く花” 智花 Grk/WS02-078SP S - $669
Asuna, A Certain day Off / とある休日 明日奈 Gso/WS02-003SP SP - $645
Nega Nebulas" Kuroyukihime / 《ネガ・ネビュラス》黒雪姫 Gaw/WS02-002SP SP - $610
And more!!!
Full checklist can be found here:

16 Packs = 1 Booster Box

Wheel Spin eligibility! If you order two of these booster boxes in one order, you will earn you a lucky wheel spin for a chance to win extra hits, store credit, or a free Weiss Schwarz Signature card! You may purchase multiple spots for multiple wheel spins!