Weiss Schwarz - Disney Mirrorverse (JP) Pack Break

Weiss Schwarz - Disney Mirrorverse (JP) Pack Break

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This is a pre-order for that is expected to release 5/24/24. Any pre-order items will be ripped open live on stream on the Sunday after arrival. As with all new releases, arrival dates can vary, and stream dates can very as well, so please be mindful of any delays or early drops.

Possible hits include:
Cosmic Command MRd/S111-020MKS MKS - $5000
“Stellar Sorcerer”ミッキーマウス MRd/S111-003MSP MSP - $500
“Prototypical Space Ranger”バズ MRp/S111-023MSP MSP - $400
And more!

Buy 12 packs to get a full booster box!

Wheel Spin eligibility! If you purchase 3 of these booster boxes in one order, you will earn a lucky wheel spin for a chance to win extra hits, store credit, or a free Weiss Schwarz Signature card!

Don't forget to purchase shipping! We will hold on to your cards until you're ready to receive your items!