Yu-Gi-Oh! Magnificent Mavens - Mini Display Box

Yu-Gi-Oh! Magnificent Mavens - Mini Display Box

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Let's hunt for GHOST rares!

Possible hits:
Dark Magician Girl (Ultra Pharoah's Rare) - $535
The Seal of Orichalcos (Ultra Pharoah's Rare) - $400
Dark Magician Girl (Secret Pharaoh's Rare) - $325
Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Ultra Pharaoh's Rare) - $250
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Secret Pharaoh's Rare) - $200
And more!

Each mini display box comes with card sleeves! Collect all 6 designs!

If you purchase 5 mini display boxes, you will break a full display box instead.
Each mini display box has 4 booster packs

Wheel Spin eligibility! If you purchase 1 full display box in a single order, you will earn a lucky wheel spin for a chance to win extra hits, store credit, or a highly valued Yu-Gi-Oh! Card!

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